Deposition Video Editing

I can make those fine video cuts, where you need to take out half a word!  Indexing / Synchronization of deposition available as well.

Video Editing Used in Trial

Kirkland v. Martin, Cause No. 2006-56213 (113th Dist. Ct., Harris County 2009). The jury awarded $150,000 against former State Representative Michael Martin in a legal malpractice case.  This is also an interesting study in body language and facial expression.

Michael Louis Minns does a brilliant job of putting the defendant on the spot.

Settlement Video

Settlement videos can be used very effectively by plaintiff attorneys to inform the decision makers for the defense of the risks involved in taking the case to a jury. Corporate risk managers and insurance companies handle many cases simultaneously and settlement videos are a good way to make your case stand out as an especially risky one to pursue. Furthermore, there is sometimes a tendency for defense attorneys to “sugar coat” a case and tell their client things such as “let’s see what we can do,” all the time knowing that the fact situation is very serious. Most risk and case managers only learn about their cases through written reports. A settlement video that includes key deposition excerpts and evidence gives them a fuller picture of the risks they face.

The settlement video below was created by compiling still images and integrating them with deposition clips to tell a compelling story through the testimony of the witnesses.