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Settlement Vidoes

Since most cases settle, getting the most favorable settlement for your client is vital.  The following video is a plaintiff “attack video.”  All perfectly square, but quite intense. Obviously, this points out to the opposition the weakness of this witness.

On the other hand, in a defense case, a settlement video can be used to convince the Plaintiffs and/or their counsel that their case has a number of weak spots.  Oftentimes, plaintiffs get develop unreasonable expectations of what can be acheived in trail.

Kirkland v. Martin, Cause No. 2006-56213 (113th Dist. Ct., Harris County 2009). The jury awarded $150,000 against former State Representative Michael Martin in a legal malpractice case.  This is also an interesting study in body language and facial expression.

Michael Louis Minns does a brilliant job of putting the defendant on the spot in this settlement video.

Exhibit Boards:  The old standby in the Courtroom is still quite effective as, unlike with an electronics slide, it can be left up in the juror’s view to enhance their comprehension of your key case facts.  Also, a most affordable demonstrative that can often be used in opening statements in conjunction with electronic media, or all on its own. 

Animations in the courtroom have shown great efficacy, especially in cases of a technical nature.  Prices in this category have fallen about an order of magnitude since I started producing them in 1995 while at Litigation Science, Inc.  Naturally, evidentiary issues must be thoroughly understood before I commence on such work.

Organizational Charts  displayed on an exhibit board or in conjunction with an electronic presentation system can really up the comprehension level of your audience. Used in concurrently with a witness on the stand and electronic presentation, a six-foot exhibit board does a lot to both keep the jury focused on the context of the discussion, your case themes and some of the most essential relationships amongst the relevant persons and organizations.

Timeline Chronologies can be vital especially in an emergency room case where time is literally of the essence.  Rather than use a traditional time bar, I choose a clock here because the time span in dispute was such a brief one.  One may easily presume that during jury deliberations on this case, the jurors would refer to, or even ask to see, the “Clock Chart.”  I’ve had numerous jurors request my chart designs during deliberations.  However, this has been allowed by the judge in only a hand-full of cases. Under the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, demonstrative evidence is allowed to be used if it is an accurate display of voluminous information that is, or is expected to be, evidence in the case.

PowerPoint is an excellent program for creating 2-D animations. While this slide has been set to run automatically, in the courtroom the animations would be controlled individually by the attorney as each data point came into evidence. In this cerebral palsy case, this animation was used to demonstrate that the injury to the fetus occurred long before the birth as evidenced by the lack of cranial growth.

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